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Submitting an application

Entitlement to submit an application

All persons who have gained a state recognised foreign vocational qualification and would like to practise this profession in Germany are entitled to submit an application. Persons who have only gained informal professional qualifications, e.g. qualifications gained exclusively through professional experience, are not entitled to apply. 

Applicants who are not resident in Germany or within the EU/EEA/Switzerland or who are not nationals of the specified countries must also provide evidence that they wish to pursue the profession they have learned. Documents suitable for this purpose could be: an application for an entry visa in order to work, contacts with employers in Germany, a business concept, contact with financiers or similar.

The application can be submitted regardless of nationality and residential status. Applications can also be submitted from abroad.

Application and documents

You must send an application to the IHK FOSA in order to have your foreign professional qualification verified.

The application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • A list of educational courses and employment held in table form (curriculum vitae)
  • Proof of identity (ID card or passport)
  • Evidence of the  vocational qualification gained abroad
  • Where appropriate: evidence of relevant professional experience
  • Where appropriate: other evidence of competence

Please also refer to our check list for the submission of applications. There you will find detailed explanations concerning the documents required.

Information concerning the German reference qualification

The German reference qualification, with which the foreign qualification is to be compared, must be entered in the application. With more than 250 apprenticeships and many different further education professions in the IHK area alone, selecting the correct reference qualification is not always easy. In the event of uncertainty, it is worthwhile to consult the local IHK or other advisory centres. 

In most IHKs, our colleagues on site take the necessary time to examine your documents and will discuss with you personally to find out which German qualification most closely corresponds to your foreign vocational qualification. You will find the responsible IHK for your region here.

Important information

The form of the application

Please submit your application together with all necessary documents as an unbound collection of individual documents. Please refrain from any kind of binding or stapling as the IHK FOSA cannot return folders or binders for reasons of efficiency.

Please send your application documents to

Ulmenstraße 52g
90443 Nürnberg

You’re also welcome to send us your application by e-mail to info@ihk-fosa.de. Format: PDF only!


IHK FOSA requires coloured copies of the formal evidence of qualification as well as the evidence of competence and professional experience (e.g. further education certificates and employers’ references). Please do not send originals unless you are asked to do so. Please provide copies exclusively in A4 format. 


With the exception of documents in the English language, all documents in foreign languages must be translated into German. Translations will only be accepted from translators who are publically appointed or sworn. You will find a list of German translators at www.justiz-dolmetscher.de.

The IHK FOSA can waive the requirement for translations where, e.g. an employee has a command of the language himself/herself.