IHK Fosa


The IHK Foreign Skills Approval (IHK FOSA) is the German centre for the evaluation and recognition of foreign vocational qualifications within the area of the chambers of industry and commerce (IHKs). It was founded by 77 German IHKs as a corporation under public law. Its task is to ensure a consistent and efficient process with high quality standards and thereby support the IHKs in implementing the recognition law.

The IHK FOSA accepts applications that refer to professions within the area of the chambers of industry and commerce, conducts the proceedings and issues official and legally binding certificates of equal standing, with which the applicants can apply for work on the German employment market.

Applicants can direct their enquiries concerning the application and the process directly to the IHK FOSA by email or telephone hotline. The local IHKs, in particular, offer an initial consultation with regard to the submission of applications, the process, costs and the duration. However, other centres also offer advice on the recognition of foreign qualifications.