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The IHK FOSA is not publically financed but instead has to cover its costs by charging fees. The approved IHK FOSA fee tariff applies.

The fees for the submission of an application range from 100 EUR to 600 EUR. The actual extent of the fees depends on the amount of work involved in conducting the process and can be very different dependent on profession and country.

Applicants must bear the costs for translations and certified copies themselves. Should it become necessary during the course of the process to carry out a qualification analysis (§14 BQFG) due to a lack of qualification evidence, additional costs will be incurred by the applicant.

Unemployed persons and applicants seeking work should enquire in their responsible job centres whether the employment administration might bear the costs. In addition to the existence of the legal prerequisites, it is of particular importance whether the recognition of foreign educational qualifications is required for integration into the employment market in individual cases. Following the recognition process, the same may apply to subsidies for any extra qualifications which may be necessary in order to compensate for gaps.


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